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...Including more exclusive Intellectual Property (IP) rights offers!!


We have many priceless gems awaiting the showroom. ...Stay Tuned!  :)


~ Advertising Space.


     - Think your product or company logo would be a great compliment and look awesome here?  ...Give us a call to discuss limited-time only advertising opportunities for our website, our YouTube channel, and our other social media locations.


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~ Exclusive Intellectual Property (IP) Rights!!


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FOR SALE RIGHT NOW! the right buyers.


     This is what makes us special, unique, original, and impervious to duplication. :)  ...Our In-housed Intellectual Properties (IPs) is what will ultimately propel our business model to new heights.


     Some IPs will be publicly disclosed immediately for World Benefit, a philathropic gesture, while others may require special development, partnerships, or patent protections.  The IPs that are for monetary benefit only will be for sale, to the right buyer.


     ...Personally, I consider the IPs of World Benefit of greatest value, and that's where I devote most of my focus and attention.  However there are some very valuable IPs that could be packaged and the Intellectual Property (IP) Rights ready for sale/purchasing through official Legal Representation. 


               ~ This is for corporations and serious investors only, who are looking for exclusive novel MAD next-generation products, services, processes, strategies, or technologies.



Interested in exclusive MAD Advertising or Intellectual Property (IP) rights offers?!


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Our Services:




~ Think-Tank Solutions.


     - Get exclusive, novel, and customized MADLabzCollective Think-Tank strategies, processes, technologies, or confidential consultation for your complex problems.


...Need the collective power of brilliant and creative minds?

...Do you require process improvements for increased efficiency or productivity?

...Have a special project requiring versatile and honest consultation?  


~ Contact us to schedule a confidential and more secure initial consultation.






~ Collective Action & Call-for-Actions.


     - Put the MADLabzCollective power to work for you!


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~ Future Intellectual Property (IP) Services.


     - Stay tuned as our truckloads of priceless gems brings us new, unique, and original services!


~ Many confidential and revolutionary World Solutions coming soon!

...Currently being developed exclusively in TheMADLabz!

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Partnerships & Sponsorships:


~ Wish to create a business Partnership, Invest, or help Sponsor our mission??


Have you gone MAD!?!   ...Then we might work well together.  8P


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Contributions & Donations:


~ Want to help FAST-TRACK our mission with a donation or other contribution,

and help keep the dream alive??  ...TYVM!  :D


*Note: All donations will be used to help cover our business expenses,

and securing future Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, Patent and/or Copyright protections!   :)

...(Please contact us directly for any other types of charitable contributions or personal support.)



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